2017 Honda Clarity EV Review & Specs

The Future is Clean, Smooth, & Appears to be Fully Electric

As we depart from the age of fossil fuels, a new dawn approaches and with it, the all new 2017 Honda Clarity EV.


What's the Deal with Electric Vehicles?

Alternatively powered vehicles can feel foreign to many people, but the Clarity Electric makes a strong case for the future of electrically powered automobiles. There are many benefits to having an electric vehicle and we're excited to show them to you. Sit back and charge up with our review of the all new 2017 Honda Clarity Electric for sale now at Stockton Honda.

• +$5500 In Available Incentives
• 80% Charge in 30 Minutes
• 89 Miles on a Single Charge*
• 221 lb-ft of Torque
• Honda Sensing Suite Standard
• HOV Sticker

 *Based on 2017 EPA range rating. Use for comparison purposes only. Your range will vary based on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition and other factors.

How is an Electric Vehicle (EV) Different from a Traditional Car?

At first, getting behind the wheel of a Clarity EV doesn't look or feel much different from any other vehicle on the road. The exterior resembles the body of a modern, sporty sedan with swooping aerodynamic lines and slick embedded lighting wrapping around the nose and rear. Even the dashboard displays a MPG like fuel gauge and all the necessary driving information you'd expect in any other tech loaded car. The gas pedal is highly responsive and the ride is smooth and stable.

But peak under the hood or the charge port and you'll start to see just how subtle this EV is. The Clarity EV will transport you *89 miles on a single charge making this sedan a great option for your commute. No need to stop at a gas station except for snacks or to use the restroom. No on board combustion engine also makes for a remarkably quiet ride, making this car perfect for those looking for their zen commuter vehicle. Having an electric motor also means the convenience of less maintenance. Tack on that the Clarity comes standard with loads of tech features, like the Honda Sensing Suite that make your driving easier and safer, and you're reminded that this innovative EV is quick to join the ranks of other well built Hondas.

How do you Charge It? 

It's easy...just plug it in! Clarity Electric is one of the few vehicles with DC fast charging standard which will give you up to an 80% battery charge in just 30 minutes. In addition, it's also Level 1 & 2 charging capable making it a breeze to charge nearly anywhere. Here's some local places in Stockton, CA the Clarity EV will charge.

You can make use of this vast network of public charging stations by using the HondaLink mobile app. This will allow you to view available charging stations, check the amount of charge on your Clarity EV, as well introduce you to another layer of features available on the Clarity. Braking regeneration will capture excess energy every time you use the breaks and will be displayed on the front dash so you can be sure your Clarity EV is functioning at top level efficiency. Next-Level Energy Display will show you in real time the energy flow of your EV on the high resolution touchscreen display in the center console. The interior is spacious, minimal, and of course modern.

What are the Incentives For the Clarity EV? Are there Discounts?

Part of what makes this EV so elegant is its ability to appear no different from most gasoline powered vehicles on the road. But don't get us wrong, the Clarity EV is a very unique vehicle. The perks you will receive with the this EV may be enough to put you over the edge. California has made great strides toward putting EVs on the road and has incentivized many aspects of electric vehicle ownership and even within Stockton alone, there are countless benefits available to you. For a comprehensive list of available rebates, incentives, and HOV lane bonuses, check out DriveClean.com. By taking advantage of these perks and incentives, many people and businesses will now have affordable, green roads towards EV ownership. We highly recommend speaking with our expert, knowledgeable EV sales associates to learn more about taking advantage of these national, state and local benefits. 

Many drivers will know simply from its modern look and design that it's packing something different under the hood. Its ability to house an electric rechargeable motor inside a 2017 sedan arms this subtle commuter with powerful punch, and all for an affordable price. The 2017 Honda Clarity EV release date has arrived and it is becoming available now at Stockton Honda. To learn more about the government incentives, at home charging, or general features of the Clarity EV, call or visit us today. Our knowledgeable staff are determined to answer all your questions and prove to you the quality behind the Honda brand.

*Based on 2017 EPA range rating. Use for comparison purposes only. Your range will vary based on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, battery-pack age/condition and other factors.